Email Ripped Off Snail Mail

Just like the online shopping cart mimics the original, so too does email mimic the postal service.

Similarities Sending and receiving correspondence Attaching pictures to a "letter" Both mediums are sent to and from addressesBoth are not sent directly to the recipient, but instead sent to a "mailroom" for organization and processing before they are sent to the recipient.Both are vulnerable to the information in the correspondence to be seen by people who aren't the recipientBoth are susceptible to spam and viruses  Differences  Email can be used to send the same correspondence to multiple recipientsSnail mail is limited to one recipient per letterEmail is much faster than snail mailEmail can attach files, programs, applications, videos, etc. Hand written letters cannot be seen unless the letter is in your possession and opened, while emails can easily be seen through computer witchcraft. Emails will only be sent to exact addresses, while snail mail has more room…

Mr. Hanberg?

I'm not completely sure what our guest speaker's name was from last week, but I'm fairly sure that his name was Mr. Hanberg and for simplicity's sake that is what I'm going to call him.

The main point I took away from his speech was that he specialized in small nonprofits and it made me think of internet jobs in a different way. Men like Bill Gates and Steve jobs make ridiculous amounts of money from massive corporations, then you have men like Mr. Fry who also made serious money in smaller companies, and then you had Mr. Hanberg who was making small money off of small business, yet he still hadn't worked a full time job in many years.

As Mr. Hanberg was telling us about his work as an author he drew a rough graph explaining the success curve for authors and it makes sense that that same curve would apply to his internet businesses as well. Just as it is difficult to be a super successful author, such as Steven King, due to the challenges of massive production …

Goals for this course

I've grown up exposed to computers, phones, wifi, etc. and I understand how to use them, but I don't understand how they work. I can drive the car, but I don't know what's under the hood. Our lives are going to become increasingly more saturated with technology, so knowledge of the machine will prove useful.

I'm also interested in the history behind computers and the internet because technologies move at such a fast rate that old technology seems long forgotten. I was cleaning out my garage and I found a box with VHS tapes in it. When I was looking through the box my 8 year old nephew asked what they were and I had to explain to him that there was once a time before wifi. He looked at me as in astonishment and said "thats rough". Hopefully this class can open my eyes to the technologies before my time and I can share in my nephew's astonishment.

From the time we've spent in class so far I've determined that I'm terrified of technology and …