HTML is a Tricky Creature

First of all, I was seriously struggling with this assignment when I first began because I was only looking at the assignment sheet. However, once I consulted the internet I was able to make some progress. From the resources I conjured up on the web, I realized that most web design occurs on windows computers because there was at least 10 articles or videos about HTML on PC for every single video about HTML on Mac. With the help of those articles and videos I was able to create a very simple web page with a title and two paragraphs. I tried to attach pictures, but they would not work. First, I tried attaching a picture from the internet by using the command <img src="URL"> and when that did not work I downloaded the image and tried to attach it with the command <img src="image_name.jpg"> and that command did not work either. Feels bad man.

Even though I had a rough start and could not attach images properly, I still enjoyed this assignment. It's amazing how detailed and complex websites boil down to basic HTML commands. As I was creating my shitty little website I remembered when Mr. Fry talked about how life is binary and it really made sense. Not in the literal sense that the website was made with 1's and 0's (which it very well may be, I don't know), but that the commands boiled down to a success or a failure. I was thinking about maybe messing around with web design for fun as a hobby, but my <img> issues changed my mind. It reminded me of when I took a Java course and at one point I was staring at code for an hour trying to fix an issue and in the end the problem was that I used a colon instead of a semicolon. I don't have the time or emotional strength it takes to master all this computer witchcraft.

The website I built can be found here. file:///Users/Stone/Library/Mobile%20Documents/com~apple~TextEdit/Documents/html_assignment.html


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