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Something I liked about the documentary that is unrelated to it's content is the cinematography. It was super low budget and you know it was just a couple of guys with basic equipment following Tom and Kaleil around. The low budget made the movie feel more genuine. As far as the content of the film, Tom and Kaleil were on an emotional roller coaster. In the beginning they were inexperienced and optimistic, but as time goes by they gain more experience and really begin to understand what they've gotten themselves into, becoming callous in the end. It was interesting to see how relationships were such a large part of the process. The third founder, their asian friend who ended up being the only one who made money, had been their friend for years and was around since the beginning, but he soon became the antagonist as their journey progressed. Later in the documentary when govWorks was broken into I remember Tom and Kaleil thought that it might have been caused by the ex-founder and I believe that they are probably correct in that assumption. The heist was well executed and the thieves took very specific and essential documents. The guy from ezGov that came and took a tour is also a likely suspect because he got a glimpse inside of govWorks, but I doubt that he would have gathered enough information to pull it off. The bad blood left behind from the release of the third founder also leads me to believe that he was behind the burglar. Another relationship that was compromised was between Tom and Kaleil, it got pretty ugly. Kaleil and Dora's romantic relationship was strained out of existence as well. She really wanted that dog. This documentary is a clear example of why starting a business with your best friends may not be the best idea.


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